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Organic Jewelry

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  MyCleos favors the use of organic materials such as açai seeds, lava rock beads, Rudraksha seeds, feathers, wood, gemstones and seashells.

None of the materials used to make our organic jewelry are dangerous or prohibited, and we carefully select our suppliers to ensure they are produced in a sustainable manner.

Organic material was the 1st type of embellishment for the human body and it remains an eco-friendly alternative to traditional jewelry components. 


Rudraksha Seeds

Rudraksha seeds are seeds of the Elaeocarpus tree which were used in India and Nepal as beads for organic jewelry and "malas", and are valued similarly to semi-precious stones.

They are associated with the Hindu deity Shiva and are commonly known for their sacred and healing powers for the mind and body, offering tranquility, focus and concentration.
Hindu devotees wore these seeds as a protection against negative energy.

Rudraksha trees primarily grow in Nepal, India and Indonesia. Our seeds mainly come from India.




Açai Seeds

 Açai seeds are natural seeds from the palm tree Euterpe Oleracea which now grows throughout South America but originated from the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. 

Their size corresponds to the amount of rain during monsoons, and the small black mark is their birthmark.

MyCleos favorises organic seeds, drilled and polished with recycled wood by our suppliers.

Our seeds mainly come from Peru and Brazil.




 Lava Rock Beads

When a volcano erupts, red hot molten rock pours out and flows away as lava until it becomes solid.

Lava rock beads are made from cooled-down molten rock.

Volcanic rock is said to represent rebirth or renewal. It is also recognized for some of its metaphysical properties such as balancing emotions and bringing tranquility and strength.

Our lava beads are mostly handmade in China.




Discover all our barefoot sandals, anklets and feather charms made with organic components.