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About Us

MyCleos's workshop, an inspiring place in the middle of vineyards, between the lake and the mountains

About MyCleos 

 MyCleos is a handmade jewelry collection devoted to the beauty and sensuality of bare feet.
Designed and handcrafted by Elsa in Lutry, Switzerland, anklets, barefoot sandals, and other accessories arise from a unique handiwork with seeds, beads, seashells, gemstones, Tibetan charms and colorful yarns.

The collection favors the use of organic materials and embodies different "free-spirited" looks — from gypsy to bohemian — evoking tribal, Indian and Tibetan accents.

MyCleos is working with selected suppliers all over the world, most of whom are women who have created their own home-based micro-business. By putting their entrepreneurial skills to the forefront they affirm their role in the economic management of their homes. 


    About Elsa M.D. 

"I grew up in Portugal near the sun, sand and sea. I remember the hot summer days on the Atlantic coast, picking up seashells or decorating my feet with seaweed brought in by the tides. Always barefoot.

A few years later, professional challenges broadened my horizons and gave me opportunities to travel. On a work trip to Switzerland in 2001, I met my husband and since then we have been living with our teeny son in the beautiful city of Lutry on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Passionate about aesthetic detail, I started making jewelry for feet in 2017. MyCleos is the name of my creative universe exclusively dedicated to bare feet: glamorous jewelry which favors organic components and evokes feet ornaments worn by Egyptian and Asian women.

Feet are a beautiful part of the human body and deserve to be in the spotlight. 
My signature?- I intend to stand out a feminine simplicity and rebel elegance that gives any barefoot look a touch of refinement."


     Legal Notice: MyCleos is run by Elsa Margarida Dias as an individual

Head Office Contact:
Elsa Dias
Chemin de la Sapelle, 37
1090 La Croix s/ Lutry
Phone: +41 (0) 79 274 15 19
Email: info@mycleos.com
Host Website:
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